Reverend Malachi Light

Head of the Church of Redeeming Grace


A slight man of average height, Malachi Light has a head of thick, dark curls and piercing blue eyes. He likely possesses some degree of magical talent, evidenced by the fact that one of his underlings has channeled some pure elemental darkness, and his ‘church’ has been served by a demon called out of the Nevernever.

He is usually dressed very business-casual, a button-down Oxford shirt tucked meticulously into slacks or blue jeans.


Malachi recently lost possession of an ancient iron circlet he purchased from Miryam Constance Read. As she (and her accomplices) raided his home to take the circlet back, he has charged her with breaking & entering, assault and burglary. He is also probably behind the periodic testing of the wards around her shop.

Reverend Malachi Light

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