The Haunted South

The Iron Circlet

During an average day at her junk/antique store, Miryam Constance Read encountered a customer looking to purchase a strange little item. It was an iron circlet, roughly wrought, distinguished only by a crest upon the crown of a bow with a knocked arrow. Unable to find any records on it, she invited the man to make her an offer. She was stunned when he took $1,500 out of his pocket and placed the wad of cash in her hand.

Across town, Katherine was approached by an officer from the University of South Carolina’s police department. As the center of a lot of the strangeness in Columbia, the college’s police force are much more open to the supernatural than their colleagues at the city or county level. But strangely, Officer Thomas Paen approached her about a case that wasn’t in their jurisdiction. A series of murders has gotten the attention of the local constabulary, and they seem to be holding a lot back from the press. He asked for her assistance with some evidence, due to her reputation around town.

Handing her a few black hairs, she held them to try to gain an impression. The vision she received told her very little. She saw the outline of what looked like a man, but the silhouette was covered in stars. While she was unable to tell the officer much about the hairs, she agreed to be of whatever assistance she could to the USC officers – whatever their unofficial stake in this investigation was.

Samhain Summers’ night took a turn for the worse when he discovered Jon Frost from the Columbia Museum waiting for him in the Sherlock Holmes pub. The Winter Court’s highest ranking representative in the city was hunting something powerful, and based on past experience, he was certain that Summers’ hands had been all over it. Despite Katherine’s help in defusing the situation, Frost seemed convinced that Summers knew where this item could be found – a worn iron circlet marked by the emblem of a bow with a knocked arrow.



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