The Haunted South

Redeeming Grace

The Iron Circlet

Alongside Katherine, Samhain concluded that Miryam Constance Read might also deal in some arcane items. The trio struggled to search Miryam’s records to find some record of the circlet’s origin. Katherine’s psychic gifts provided her with a vision of the man who purchased the circlet, and lead them all to the Church of Redeeming Grace – a group organized out of an abandoned church outside of Lexington.

A quick trip in Miryam’s truck brought all three to the parking lot behind the church. (The original plan was to take Samhain’s car, but Miryam’s presence was more than it could handle.)

In the middle of the night, they moved carefully up to the door of the church. And while the door provided little challenge, the Church of Redeeming Grace was not left unguarded. A toad-like demonic assassin, warned by the triggering of defensive wards in the building, sprang through the door and pinned Samhain to the ground.

While Samhain and Miryam struggled with the demon, Katherine searched the church for the circlet, or some sign of where it could be found. The demon provided a great challenge to both Miryam and Samhain, but the pair steadily wore it down. It attempted to leap to the roof to spit acid at them when Miryam channeled a blast of air at it. The amount of energy was more than she could handle, however, spinning off a powerful, localized cyclone that tore up the roof of the building, while sending the demon crashing back to earth.

Now, the three are attempting to search the scene as best they can while they hear police sirens closing in on the night air.



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