The Haunted South

Apocalyptic Visions

Katherine McCoy and Samhain Summers hid, while Miryam Constance Read cast a veil about them to conceal the trio from the oncoming police. Due to Miryam’s concentrated effort, law enforcement wasn’t able to find them, giving the group time to start looking through the papers, and the aged tome they rescued from the ruins of The Church of Redeeming Grace. While the book obviously pertained to The Iron Circlet, it was written in a language that none present could read.

But Samhain is a man with contacts. Old Zeke is a vampire who lives outside Columbia, near Batesburg-Leesville. And despite Miryam’s hesitance to turn to a vampire while the Red Court hunts wizards wherever they can be found, she accompanies Samhain and Katherine. After a surprising encounter with Zeke (and his ‘nephew’, Brian) the crew learned that the book was written in Aramaic, and that the circlet was apparently destined to bring on the biblical Apocalypse by summoning the Horsemen of War, Famine and Death.

A google search revealed that Rev. Malachi Light (the head of the Church of Redeeming Grace) lived in Lexington, and provided an address. In a daring raid, the trio stormed the house (after ascertaining that it was the right place.) They scattered the cult and fled with the circlet in hand.

Light sent his pet demon after them again. As Miryam struggled to keep it at bay, Samhain scoured the papers from the church, finally locating it’s true name. Unable to stand against them with this knowledge, the demon fled.

But Light is still out there. And among the papers were correspondence between him and a mysterious benefactor, ‘N’. He’s not likely to abandon his attempts to use the circlet so easily.

And Samhain has complicated his own life as well. By refusing to turn the circlet over to the Winter Court, he has deepened that enmity.



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