The Haunted South

The Music From Beyond

Following the episode of Redeeming Grace, our cast had consequences to deal with.

For Samhain Summers, it meant that his relations with the Winter Court have fallen to a new low. His suppliers in the Never-never are drying up. His enmity with James Frost means that in order for his business to continue, he’s going to have to forge some new paths.

But Miryam Constance Read’s consequences are legal in nature. Reverend Malachi Light of the The Church of Redeeming Grace has leveled charges of breaking and entering and assault against her.

But the city has it’s own issues. Thomas Paen, officer of the University of South Carolina police force, called on Katherine McCoy again to help him look into series of murders that has been plaguing the city. Murders that have all the trappings of occult murders.

After meeting with Paen at The Albion (during which Miryam once again met her nemesis, Jon Barnet) the group tracked down the scene of one of the murders where Katherine made contact with one of the ghosts of the deceased and learned that the murderers were with a band. And since all of the murders took place after most clubs would have closed, our crew decided to check out the college nightlife.

They discovered that the The Wharf Rats seemed to be the group responsible. But in an attempt to stop them from leaving, Samhain inadvertantly triggered a fight with a terrible faceless being in the form of an inhumanly tall black man.

Apocalyptic Visions

Katherine McCoy and Samhain Summers hid, while Miryam Constance Read cast a veil about them to conceal the trio from the oncoming police. Due to Miryam’s concentrated effort, law enforcement wasn’t able to find them, giving the group time to start looking through the papers, and the aged tome they rescued from the ruins of The Church of Redeeming Grace. While the book obviously pertained to The Iron Circlet, it was written in a language that none present could read.

But Samhain is a man with contacts. Old Zeke is a vampire who lives outside Columbia, near Batesburg-Leesville. And despite Miryam’s hesitance to turn to a vampire while the Red Court hunts wizards wherever they can be found, she accompanies Samhain and Katherine. After a surprising encounter with Zeke (and his ‘nephew’, Brian) the crew learned that the book was written in Aramaic, and that the circlet was apparently destined to bring on the biblical Apocalypse by summoning the Horsemen of War, Famine and Death.

A google search revealed that Rev. Malachi Light (the head of the Church of Redeeming Grace) lived in Lexington, and provided an address. In a daring raid, the trio stormed the house (after ascertaining that it was the right place.) They scattered the cult and fled with the circlet in hand.

Light sent his pet demon after them again. As Miryam struggled to keep it at bay, Samhain scoured the papers from the church, finally locating it’s true name. Unable to stand against them with this knowledge, the demon fled.

But Light is still out there. And among the papers were correspondence between him and a mysterious benefactor, ‘N’. He’s not likely to abandon his attempts to use the circlet so easily.

And Samhain has complicated his own life as well. By refusing to turn the circlet over to the Winter Court, he has deepened that enmity.

Redeeming Grace
The Iron Circlet

Alongside Katherine, Samhain concluded that Miryam Constance Read might also deal in some arcane items. The trio struggled to search Miryam’s records to find some record of the circlet’s origin. Katherine’s psychic gifts provided her with a vision of the man who purchased the circlet, and lead them all to the Church of Redeeming Grace – a group organized out of an abandoned church outside of Lexington.

A quick trip in Miryam’s truck brought all three to the parking lot behind the church. (The original plan was to take Samhain’s car, but Miryam’s presence was more than it could handle.)

In the middle of the night, they moved carefully up to the door of the church. And while the door provided little challenge, the Church of Redeeming Grace was not left unguarded. A toad-like demonic assassin, warned by the triggering of defensive wards in the building, sprang through the door and pinned Samhain to the ground.

While Samhain and Miryam struggled with the demon, Katherine searched the church for the circlet, or some sign of where it could be found. The demon provided a great challenge to both Miryam and Samhain, but the pair steadily wore it down. It attempted to leap to the roof to spit acid at them when Miryam channeled a blast of air at it. The amount of energy was more than she could handle, however, spinning off a powerful, localized cyclone that tore up the roof of the building, while sending the demon crashing back to earth.

Now, the three are attempting to search the scene as best they can while they hear police sirens closing in on the night air.

The Iron Circlet

During an average day at her junk/antique store, Miryam Constance Read encountered a customer looking to purchase a strange little item. It was an iron circlet, roughly wrought, distinguished only by a crest upon the crown of a bow with a knocked arrow. Unable to find any records on it, she invited the man to make her an offer. She was stunned when he took $1,500 out of his pocket and placed the wad of cash in her hand.

Across town, Katherine was approached by an officer from the University of South Carolina’s police department. As the center of a lot of the strangeness in Columbia, the college’s police force are much more open to the supernatural than their colleagues at the city or county level. But strangely, Officer Thomas Paen approached her about a case that wasn’t in their jurisdiction. A series of murders has gotten the attention of the local constabulary, and they seem to be holding a lot back from the press. He asked for her assistance with some evidence, due to her reputation around town.

Handing her a few black hairs, she held them to try to gain an impression. The vision she received told her very little. She saw the outline of what looked like a man, but the silhouette was covered in stars. While she was unable to tell the officer much about the hairs, she agreed to be of whatever assistance she could to the USC officers – whatever their unofficial stake in this investigation was.

Samhain Summers’ night took a turn for the worse when he discovered Jon Frost from the Columbia Museum waiting for him in the Sherlock Holmes pub. The Winter Court’s highest ranking representative in the city was hunting something powerful, and based on past experience, he was certain that Summers’ hands had been all over it. Despite Katherine’s help in defusing the situation, Frost seemed convinced that Summers knew where this item could be found – a worn iron circlet marked by the emblem of a bow with a knocked arrow.

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