The Haunted South

The Music From Beyond


Following the episode of Redeeming Grace, our cast had consequences to deal with.

For Samhain Summers, it meant that his relations with the Winter Court have fallen to a new low. His suppliers in the Never-never are drying up. His enmity with James Frost means that in order for his business to continue, he’s going to have to forge some new paths.

But Miryam Constance Read’s consequences are legal in nature. Reverend Malachi Light of the The Church of Redeeming Grace has leveled charges of breaking and entering and assault against her.

But the city has it’s own issues. Thomas Paen, officer of the University of South Carolina police force, called on Katherine McCoy again to help him look into series of murders that has been plaguing the city. Murders that have all the trappings of occult murders.

After meeting with Paen at The Albion (during which Miryam once again met her nemesis, Jon Barnet) the group tracked down the scene of one of the murders where Katherine made contact with one of the ghosts of the deceased and learned that the murderers were with a band. And since all of the murders took place after most clubs would have closed, our crew decided to check out the college nightlife.

They discovered that the The Wharf Rats seemed to be the group responsible. But in an attempt to stop them from leaving, Samhain inadvertantly triggered a fight with a terrible faceless being in the form of an inhumanly tall black man.



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